Mindset 009



harco pront-sleaze
viper squad-case closed
push button objects-washington ave
ras g-overcast beat (two)
coleman-black bush
grooveman spot-take back
prefuse 73-untitled
kankick-black women candle wax
ge-ology-inebriated (feel good journey)
al quetz aka quetzal-trees, birds and rivers (interlude)
ras g-sketchbook
powell-girls girls girls
jaque polynice-obama o's (mike slott remix)

dublab live transmissions

Dublab will be web-casting live audio & video via Yowie from inside Domy Books, Austin’s amazing creative culture-hub/bookshop/gallery, during SXSW. You'll find all details on Dublab's site, but checkout the line up on Thursday 3/17:

12-1pm: Mount Kimbie
1-2pm: Sun Araw
2-3pm: Adventure
3-4pm: Matthewdavid
4-5pm: Bell Gardens
5-6pm: Yale (Luaka Bop)
6-7pm: Simulcast from outdoor stage featuring Peter Pants
7-8pm: One Am Radio
8-9pm: TBA
9-10pm: Daedelus

AMAI #1/4 update

The Cupp Cave & DEM HUNGER split ep from Vlek is available worldwide since monday on KOMPAKT, with a hand-screenprinted cover and a poster by Lilie-O-Mallet.

Oh Dee - Dizzy Spells

Mindset 008

mindset 008

_ DROPA - wretched
_ GETEYE - my kind
_ Palamino - elephant curtains
_ SIRKNX. - moore
_ Salty - hum
_ Soul Lichtfield - bong-go
_ Oh! Dee - dizzy spells
_ Dibiase - suncity
_ Nonepic - pabs
_ B&S x DelMaind - extension (Mike Slott - home rework)
_ Take - incredibright (Anenon Remix)
_ Mezzo - ode to the past
_ 1000Names - monobinate
_ Demokracy - starhaven (Jullllzzeedd By DZA)
_ matthewdavid - all you'll never know
_ Grass Mirror - mumbai actuary
_ РЖБ - Глаза богини Дурги
_ Asha Bhosle with R.D. Burman - dam maro dum (live edit)

Beats Beats Beats

Note for all european people, Rush Hour now also has copies of Ras G's Beat Soup Vol.3 and Kutmah's The New Error for sale. Limited quantities. Get 'em while you can...

Ras G - Beat Soup Vol.3

Kutmah - The New Error

matthewdavid - All You'll Never Know

matthewdavid's International EP will be released in three days on Brainfeeder. Here's a glimpse.


Hoya Hoya Vol.2

The second installment of the Hoya Hoya 12inches is about to drop, with exclusive tracks by Eliphino, Ras G and Lorn. Pre-order a copy right here.