Mindset 013



stephen farris-inaudible
the dene road-slept in
sahy uhns-uh hmmm
dakim-smash beach
seugu-it can be
ol-under arrest
dibiase & 14kt-going fine
roc marciano-drama
ras g-cinefamily jam
five deez-sugar (instr)
lunice-ante up
shafiq husayn-dna - the splice mix (2)
cupp cave-eight to eight
samiyam-helping hand
kutmah ft. dakim-it started in the heart
andrew pekler-exotic 1

Knxwledge. - Hexual.Sealings.LP

Swedish Fish

New split cassette by matthewdavid and Odd Nosdam on Leaving.


The Beat Blast radio

The Beat Blast radio #041 (26.07.11)

Save Slaves - vote
Rbe - brick
Pusha T - trouble on my mind feat. Tyler, the Creator
Gangi - proton beat
B-JU - dismantling frank (backwards in time remix)
Jinesis - beyond
Wake - honeys pie
Flako - blurry dream
oteest - tigers jungle
Paul White - for you and for me
AshTreJinkins - doowaap
Dizz1 - rirrr
Constrobuz - sen(s)ory_;ma.12h+
Grass Mirror - dupers w/ DTCPU
ichiro_ - shionatto
Lukid - light up
Vast Aire - da supafriendz feat. MF Doom (Dabrye remix)
Rbe - changes
DZA - superfly
Kenlo Craqnuques - mantra
Planet Soap - alexkid98 (Damscray Remix)
Mount Kimbie - vertical
Misel Quitno - pull it out somewhen
Asura - whispering through
Shafiq - dna (splice mix3)
Zeroh - to the dividers
matthewdavid - vvoxcave
Jalen Warshawsky - Ann Arbor
Ben Jamin" x Proflogik - freeze pop
Knowsum - blow
Knxwledge. - fade
J Dilla - take notice feat. Guilty Simpson
0hbliv - raw zeta
Long Arm - after 4am


Grass Mirror - W o e s o m e EP

Rbe - The Bear Tricks

The Beat Blast radio

The Beat Blast radio #040 (19.07.11)

Dexter - swing is a must
Illoyal - joel
Space Kid - world is love
Dailon - lava freak
James Blake - unluck
Infinite Potentials - strobe lightning
Melkeveien vs. Niño - yo! (Slugabed remix)
Kadaj Da Kid - cosmos
Jneiro Jarel - it lives on (part 2)
Teebs - burner
De La Soul - stakes is high
Beatvadda - dafunk
Mndsgn - stumble
Christoph El' Truento - meow
Thriftworks - mother raki
Madhandmade - mad26
Oteest - break time
Electric Sea Spider - untilted#1
Bueller - downlownotempo
Shlohmo - spoons
Hi-Res - loose jeans
Shabazz Palaces - Swerve... The reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)
Ras G - fatcat
Cupp Cave - race age
Busta Rhymes - put your hands where my eyes could see (Mono/Poly remix)
Hubert Daviz - getcheese
Paul White - cant sleep make music
Flying Lotus - elephant ride
Flying Lotus - teaf leaf dancer (Low Limit remix)
Memotone - replace
Actress - parallel world


Finest Ego - United Kingdom / Ireland Compilation


100% vinyl beat blast.



cupp cave-golden aspen
salted slugs-nightwash
madlib-monkey hustle
darkhouse family-stay blazed
arp 101-warriors galactic
cupp cave-race age
madlib-dil cosby suite bonus beat
company flow-linoleum

Shafiq / Om'Mas Keith - LA Series # 0 Snippets

The last one of the L.A. 10inch series...

The Beat Blast radio

The Beat Blast radio #038 (05.07.11)

Paul White - the punch drummer
TOKiMONSTA, Lunice & Swede:art - alpenglow
Exile - Mega Mix (Mike Gao Remix)
Common - ghetto dreams ft. Nas
Dranal - beat#2
Damscray - sandworm
Insightful - fuh pap
Shabazz Palaces - chuch
Bit1 - becomefamous
Shawn Lee - bina
MumboJumbo - feather
Christoph El' Truento - bamboo
Madvillain - money folder (Four Tet remix)
Ras G - 40 bus
Astronote - the big fight
Björk - crystalline
Mike Slott - Amanallah
MusSck - draw what comes to mind
Dpee - chap stick
Thriftworks X Insightful - voo do yoga
Jimbo Matsumoto - mAdcuts
РЖБ - Ганешна можно
La Fine Équipe - flao ft. Guts
MumboJumbo - butter
nipple tapes - sur
Lukid - time doing so mean
Grass Mirror - interlude for dead friends
OL - somewhere there
AL_PD - unleaded
Cupp Cave - bambi
Ras G - One 4 DB - I SEE
N.O.M.A.D - trimate..
Ryan York - they will do anything
P.U.D.G.E. - James Brown medley


Grass Mirror - Pocatello

Mecca:83 - The Life Sketches EP

Views Of Saturn Vol.1 - Ras G & The A.S.P.

Vol.1 of All City's "Views Of Saturn" 12inch series, Ras G reworking Sun Ra's "Nidhamu". Pre-orders are available at All City and Rush Hour, and check out Ras G's rework - "MDU NTR" - here.