I was just reading the sad news that Lapti's house got burned down. Because of that, all the money from Vlek Records mp3 sales next month are going to Lapti to help him get over the burning down of his house... fortunately he's still got a place to live in, and the music and stuff is ok. Relief action still going on though, the boy needs support through this...

Vlek Records Bandcamp

The Beat Blast radio #046

Soloal-One - orchezz
Knxwledge. - kiwi
SWEENeYFROD - btchwld
Constrobuz - Matured Stinky Slut Flower
Free The Robots - rattlesnake
Blu - above crenshaw ft. Cashuking
Chushi - yubtru
BK One - Tema Do Canibal (Exile Remix Ft. MF Doom)
Pharoahe Monch - Evolve
Spell - delirium (night skate)
Muramic - television
Björk - virus
Shabazz Palaces - spechol analog
Dailon - time $pent
Elan - hunting season
Brock Berrigan - tripping on main street
Lapti - whushu
GSD - cotcot
Paul White - Stampeding Elephants (Instrumental)
Jonti - Firework Spraying Moon
Jonti - Cyclic Love ft. Otayo Dubb
BoomBaptist - synth game
Sasha Ate - tale
Kwala - luminous thing
Oddisee - closed after dark
Def Dee - crazy ill mad rowdy
Paul White - Dirty Slang ft. Guilty Simpson
Chief - hey yo!
P.U.D.G.E. - AnimalHouse Antibodies ft. OMNI
Jaylib - champion sound
Chushi - fe2l
Ras G - crenshaw bus
Co. Fee - Norman Bates
Thriftworks - cadudeus
Wu-Tang Clan - sunshower


The Beat Blast radio #045

Machine Drum - sakatak
Balam Acab - apart
Evenings - Genève
Kid Sublime & Les Deal - in the house ft. Aahmean Supreme
Kankick - Africa: world's #1 super power ('03)
Piano Overlord - recuerdas Count Bass D reinterpretaton
Gang Starr - tonz o gunz
Mweslee - hot curry
The Clonious - bugs n fools
Knxwledge. - Dib?l(hersteez)
Abstract - abstract circus
Lone - Maya codex
Count Bass D - des fausses impressions
Onkyovision - beat71 // a.z
Danny Brown - scrap or die
Clear Blue - sugar boom
Delofi - dump#8
Simp - d.r.e.a.m. ft. Julian Loibl
Ge-ology - inebriated (feel good journey)
zeiGn - gkyphic rays
Hudson Mohawke - ice viper
nipples tapes - kkk
Dan Matic - milicoffeey
Mizz Beats - the jester
Prof.Logik - submerge into fresh
Reso - channel pressure
Talib Kweli & Madlib - move back
Oddisee - the carter barron
Young Black Preachers - food deserts
Mirac - wonderland
Young Jazz Rebels - Slave Riots, parts 4-6, After


Ryan York - Zipperlegs Extras

Evenings - Lately

The Beat Blast radio #044

Shigge - suspicion
10th Letter - in walks sinh
Daedelus - was waiting
S.Maharba - girls in pearls
Akello Light - she has
Impossible is Nothing - rosehips
Languid - mmm that new car sound
m∆lib - vital dub
Xperiment - sound barrier
Lorn - what's the use
Skeleton Zoo - devil's lettuce
Nadsroic - leopards
B-Ju - habit in your redlight
Strangeloop - Erin in the woods (feat. Waves)
Delofi - dump#1
Shafiq Husayn - DNA (splice mix) part 1
Jeremiah Jae - art history
MADEGG - "untitled" (Grass Mirror re-edit)
J Dilla - people
Sir Froderick - eyebossa4u
Mump - jazz muffin
Filthy Ingredients - love fur
Morpheground - sugarhi
Comfort Fit - snare wars (Kenlo Craqnuques remélange)
Tokimonsta - Mileena's theme
B.Lewis - lavacorn
Shlohmo - it was whatever
Memotone - you
Groundislava - young lava
Gucci Mane - my chain (jonwayne basement mix)
Heralds Of Change - part of the world (instr.)
Madvillain - monkey suit (Madlib remix)
Leila - Mollie


OL ft. Lapti - Untitled


B-Ju - Minor Works

The Beat Blast radio #043

Débruit - mezdé
Cupp Cave - light crusader
Cadik - basics ft. M.E.D.
DJ Krush - real ft. Tragedy
Flying Lotus - zodiac shit
Hubert Daviz - O Alta idee
Cosmic Sound - bears auras
Shlohmo - kick rocks
Viktor Vaughn - raedawn
Gloam - black diamond
Robot Koch - memories
Letherette - in july focus
Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn - 1969 organ
Powell - dimension x
Samiyam - kitties
Waka Flocka Flame - hard in the paint (Shlohmo remix)
Teebs - L'Arsa Meta'dei Pini
Quasimoto - Discipline 99 (Instrumental)
Knxwledge. - TheMoST
_lip - timbre
Wu-Tang Clan - raw hide
P.U.D.G.E. - This CanNOT B ALL it is
BFPSP - blunt smoke
Lucky Dragons
Seagull Mansion - survivor
Ta-Ku - ink dropper
Mike Gao - fullspeed
Torkelsen - february
Hudson Mohawke - Come Get It
Thriftworks - euphearia
Bun - 27, Burn feat. SK


Delofi - Dumps

Lorn - Ghosst

The Beat Blast Radio #042

I came from Amsterdam to Tours last monday for a few days to hang out and play a short vinyl set at the radio show together with seugu. So check it outttt.


Doomstarks - Victory Laps (Madvillainz Remix)
Superpoze - get down
Cloud. - Down The Aisles
Sasha Ate - magic
oteest - cosmic mafia
Jaylib - take it back
heRobust - Shawty Swing My Way (Busted)
Average Thought - funk spectrum
Co. fee - gypsy skirt
BeFP - Shadow-Puppet Fuck-Dolls
Mophono - Cut Form Control
-MonoMau set-
Ras G - soul pulsating
Eric Lau - for the D ft. Guilty Simpson (Harmonic 313 remix)
Shigeto - and we gonna (Samiyam remix)
GB/Muhsinah - always
Rich Medina - choklit ninja
Busta Rhymes - so hardcore
Jurassic 5 - hey (instr.)
Kankick - ancestry
Dalt Wisney - We're Spending The Day
Gloam - got herb?
MONKEY_sequence.19 - sunrise
Oh! Dee - shake it up
P.U.D.G.E. - iS thiS whAt U wAnt(ft. CHRIS CLARKE) prod. by Samiyam
Young Black Preachers - especial
Koushik - Strange Ways (Instrumental)
Black Milk
Sumsun - do you drive?
Muta - good to you
Sumeo - Tea, Vynil, Midnight
Eric Clark - quantum rock
Kenlo & VLooper - VEN-us
Two Left Ears - cliché
lllum Sphere - Kaleidoscope
Squeaky Lobster - flying rupees
Busta Rhymes - turn it up
Nobody - tune all golden fronts
Little Dragon - after the rain (GB remix)
Ill Suono - angel beat (Dabrye remix)
Shigeto - artificial (Om Unit remix)