The Beat Blast radio #104


Keor Meteor - Zimbabwe
Letherette - feel real
Mndsgn - melodyabtU
K-Embry - good day madame
L Rey - kekro kek' face
Jeremiah Jae - cat fight
Prodigy - three
Ka - up against Goliath
Raja - fly me out
J Dilla - don't cry
Gangstarr - above the cloud
Adjaman - circles
B 3 N B i - rice and beans
Andherpackage - thngs tht luvrs do
Fid Mella - hu hu hu
Kenlo Craqnuques - trauma
Torkelsen - oktober g
Fulgeance - raw
Constrobuz - all-range mode
Mono/Poly - all across the planet
Munis - Rhamphorhynchus
Culp - e.t. bong
Matthewdavid - today, the same way
Lukid - laroche
Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe - frogs in a well
Delarosa & Asora - two hum
ichiro_ - 8-46
Portformat - empty folder
FlyAmSam - robertaflack ft. Dolly
InfiniteWays - thing ft. New Blaze
Damacha - douchey dance floor
canooooopy - 低空のナポリ
Mo Kolours - brave
Monster Rally - honey
Lomovolokno - 22
Feathers - skontelka
Wanda Group - stomach interrupter


  1. Yo Peace peace to everyone,
    I've been listening to you guys for a while now and I noticed y'all stopped uploading sets to iTunes podcast since July ??

    1. I think the shows are uploaded on itunes by someone at Radio Campus Tours, I dont do it myself and I dont even have itunes on my pc. You can still check the shows on mixcrate.